The Tennessee Emergency Medical Services for Children (TN EMSC) logo and/or brand can be used by partners directly associated with the organization. This may include, but is not limited to, individual members of the Foundation, Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Centers, other hospitals, emergency medical service providers and agencies, government agencies and other nonprofits.

A request to utilize the TN EMSC logo and/or PowerPoint presentation template must be directly submitted to the Executive Director Rhonda Phillippi at This request must outline each manner in which the logo and/or brand will be used. The request will then either be approved or denied by the TN EMSC Foundation executive committee within 14 days.
The logo and/or TN EMSC brand may only be used in an educational capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, presentations (the TN EMSC PowerPoint presentation template can be used when an organization is speaking directly on behalf of TN EMSC), marketing collateral and external websites as it pertains to the TN EMSC mission.
The logo and/or TN EMSC brand cannot be used without written approval by the TN EMSC Foundation executive committee.

If your request is approved, the TN EMSC Executive Director will respond with the logo in the most appropriate format for the outlined purpose(s). The logo colors or dimensions are not to be altered.

Additional Rules:
  • Use only approved digital artwork
  • Never reproduce logo in other colors/color schemes
  • Never distort logo, change orientation or scale
For questions about this policy, please call 615-343-3672.