Mini Broselow®
Equipment Organizer
made by Armstrong Medical

Broselow® Pediatric
Emergency Tape
made by Armstrong Medical

The Scenario:

A child is drowning in a swimming pool. The lifeguard dives in to rescue the child. A woman calls 911. The lifeguard rescues the child, but the child is not breathing, so the lifeguard begins CPR. When the ambulance arrives, paramedics reach for their Broselow™ Pediatric Resuscitation Equipment and quickly begin working to resuscitate the child.

Donate a Mini Broselow® Equipment Organizer

If you donate $200, you will ensure that an ambulance in Tennessee is equipped with a Mini Broselow® Equipment Organizer.

What is a Mini Broselow® Equipment Organizer?

The Brosleow™ Pediatric Resuscitation System manufactured by Armstrong Medical is a weight based color-coded system that allows EMS personnel to quickly measure a child to determine what size pediatric equipment the child needs in an emergency. EMS personnel use a color-coded Broselow® tape that assigns children to a color zone based on the length of the child. For example, if the child measures in the yellow zone on the tape, there is a yellow organizer with all of the equipment inside for that size child. Ambulances in Tennessee have all of the equipment, but they do not have the color-coded organizers to make the equipment more readily accessible. Organizing the equipment by color zones may prevent medical errors, making it easy to reach for the right color bag with the right equipment for that size child.

TN EMSC's Goal

Every ambulance in Tennessee needs a Mini Broselow® Equipment Organizer. TN EMSC Foundation would like to provide 800 organizers to meet this goal. Each organizer costs $200. With your help we can ensure that every ambulance is equipped with an organizer so that every child will receive the best care possible.

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