Answer: False

Most bites do not require a visit to a doctor but sometimes a severe reaction may occur. Signs of a severe reaction include: facial and/or oral swelling, chest tightness / difficulty breathing, problems with swallowing or speaking, dizziness / fainting and nausea/vomiting +/- abdomen pain. If you have any of these symptoms, have a history of previous severe reaction, the sting was in the mouth or epinephrine was used in the field, you should seek medical care immediately. Call 911 and give your child a dose of Benadryl while awaiting transport.

For non severe reactions move your child from danger. If there is a stinger, gently remove it by rubbing a credit card or other similar object over the stinger site.

Wash the site with soap and water - apply ice for comfort. If the site is itchy, a paste of baking soda and water applied directly to the bite will help. Benadryl may help with the itching as well. Call your physician to help assist with dosing and if you have any questions.